Original Root Assassin Shovel 48″

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The Root Assassin Shovel is designed for clearing overgrown areas of garden, landscape and forest. The all-purpose shovel and saw with serrated edges on both sides, has a unique ability to cut roots and soil quickly and easily whilst digging.

The 2-in-1 saw and shovel gives more uses from digging out deep roots, pruning and trimming of plants and small branches and assist with landscaping and lawn cutting.


  • 16 double edged sharp serrated teeth on each side
  • Quality commercial grade carbon steel construction
  • Engineered ‘bone structure’ steel shaft adds rigidity and strength without adding weight
  • Designed for cutting and assisted digging tasks, avoid leverage of heavy root balls
  • Durable comfort D grip rubber non-slip handle
  • Ridged step for secure foot placement when digging
  • Teeth can be sharpened with a grinder, hand file or by a specialist


  • Weight: 1.8kg / 4lbs
  • Length: 1.2m / 48”

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