Leyat Single Watering Spray Gun

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Water your flowers and young trees, wash your car or clean patios and decking.

The Leyat single watering spray gun adjusts easily with a single rotating nozzle head to suit your desired water flow from powerful hard jet to fine mist.

Fits most hose manufacturers.


  • Spray pattern: powerful hard jet to fine mist
  • Water quantity can be easily regulated
  • Simple on & off thumb adjuster
  • single rotating nozzle for controlled water flow
  • Strong metal construction for long life
  • Specially coated for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Ergonomic soft contoured handle with carbon fibre pattern
  • Long-lasting tool with spare parts available and easily replaceable


  • Maximum pressure use: 8 bars
  • Water saving to 40%

Leyat watering products have been manufactured to extremely high standards with an internal body, regulation valve and connector all made of steel. Combine this with rigorous testing in the Alps where the water column is large and the pressure on the valve is beyond the usual limits.

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