Bison Wurfbeil Throwing Axe 400mm 800g

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Ticking all the boxes of a professional throwing axe with the authentic Bison woodland style.

Exclusive to Outdoor Professional Products, the Bison Wurfbeil Throwing Axe features a 400mm (just shy of 16″) straight hickory handle for an easy release and more consistency of throw. Combine this with the 800g axe head makes for a well balanced axe with a more controlled throwing action. The axe profile has been expertly crafted with an ultra-sharp narrow blade that assures piercing of the board every time – focusing your throw on precision as opposed to arm strength!

The handle is made of solid and resilient hickory wood with excellent vibration absorption, ergonomically shaped for user comfort and finished with natural varnish.

The cutting edge is sharply ground, whilst the hickory handle is triple wedged for maximum safety.


  • Hand-forged with traditional craftsmanship in Germany
  • Grade A quality industrial tool steel for long durability
  • Oiled hickory wood handle 400mm
  • Triple safety wedging
  • Hatchet axe head weight 800g
  • Overall axe throwing competition weight 2.35lbs
  • Complete with high quality Bison trademark leather blade guard
  • For intermediate to advanced throwers

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