Bison Hookaroon Sappie Hook 380mm 600g

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The handy one. An incredibly practical tool for lifting, pulling, stacking and trimming short timber. The Bison Hookaroon features a tempered tip of the sappie hook that has a special shape making it especially stable. The tip hooks into the wood firmly but can be easily removed again thanks to a facet cut. The long slim handle enables a powerful swing with minimal bending and secures safely into the timber. The handle is made of solid and resilient hickory wood with excellent vibration absorption, ergonomically shaped for user comfort and finished with natural varnish.

The tip is ground sharply.


  • Hand-forged with traditional craftsmanship in Germany
  • Grade A quality industrial tool steel for long durability
  • Oiled hickory wood handle 380mm
  • Triple safety wedging
  • Hookaroon Sappie Hook head weight 600g
  • Iconic Bison pendant made from stainless steel included
  • Designed for easy movement of timber and logs

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