Bison Forged Drawknife Natural Handle

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The Bison drawknife is uniquely forged with natural finish handles for a truly authentic tool.

Designed for removing bark and shaping logs, the Bison drawknife precisely cuts to leave wood planed to your desired effect. The drawknife can also be used to shape dowels and other wood pieces for woodworking crafts. The robust contoured wooden handles fit snug in the hand and allow for plenty of effort behind each stroke. The drawknife’s sharp edge glides over timber and can provide a deeper cutting action when angled by hand into the wood.


  • Hand-forged with traditional craftsmanship in Germany
  • Quality, grade A quality industrial tool steel for long durability
  • Natural finish integrated wooden handles
  • Easy to angle for adjusted cutting action
  • 2-handed easy operation – it is recommended to use your whole body motion and not just your arms to exert force.

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